How to Keep Your Work Environment Fun
January 26, 2012, 2:34 am
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Your workplace can quickly become an environment that sucks the life out of you. Whether it be from a constant staring match into your computer or the relentless tasks put before you. But I feel like there are several tricks that help make my work environment work for me.

You have to take breaks, both allocated time slots and impromptu siestas.

You have to laugh a little, or a lot. It’s important to me to always make sure I am enjoying myself whether it’s through joking with colleagues or being playful. I used to have a lot of fun sending out production schedules to my colleagues in humorous emails, often juxtaposing familiar comic book characters with my own dialogue. This always kept the atmosphere light even when we were stressed.

Another tool that makes the work place fun is constantly being around inspiration; Through music or through visual arts. At both my offices (home and work) I keep guitars which I play at times when I need to reset my brain. This helps recharge my battery and encourages me to get back into the groove of the work day.

Out of all of these techniques I think making time to socialize with colleagues really makes the day go by and helps break up the workload.

You need to treat yourself like a human being and not a robot. We spend more time at work than ta home so it’s important to pay attention to your needs. If you have the freedom and flexibility to do anything I’ve suggested above, I think it will help improve your job environment. Good luck!

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